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November 2017



121 acts for Eurosonic and NPO Soul and Jazz stage at Noorderslag

ESNS will take place in Groningen (The Netherlands) from the 17th to 20th of January 2018. The event hosts showcase festivals Eurosonic and Noorderslag, a music conference and several awards ceremonies.

Confirmed for Eurosonic:

Ace Tee & Kwam.E (de), Afterpartees (nl), Alfa Mist (gb), Altin Gün (nl), Amanda Delara (no), Astroid Boys (gb), Austinn (lu), AVEC (at), aYia (is), Belau (hu), Bergfilm (de), Binkbeats (nl), Black Snake Moan (it), Blackberries (de), Blind Butcher (ch), Bowrain (si), Broen (no), Bruno Belissimo (it), Callum Beattie (gb), Cari Cari (at), Chapelier Fou (fr), Chelou (gb), Colin Benders (nl), Curtis Alto (be), Dakota (nl), Darling West (no), Death Alley (nl), Dewolff (nl), Diablo Blvd (be), Dinamarca (se), Dope Calypso (hu), Echo Collective (be), Elizabete Bal?us (lv), Emma Bale (be), Equal Idiots (be), Erotic Market (fr), Faces on TV (be), Fenne Lily (gb), Fred Well (no) George FitzGerald (gb) Gizmo Varillas (es) Great News (no) Gruppo Di Pawlowski (be) HAEVN (nl) Hak Baker (gb) HÅN (it) Hey Elbow (se) HMLTD (gb) Högni (is) Holy (se) Hope (de) Husky Loops (it) IAMDDB (gb), IceAge (dk), IDER (gb), Iguana Death Cult (nl), Isaac Gracie (gb), Jeangu Macrooy (nl), Jesus Chrüsler Supercar (se), Jo Goes Hunting (nl), Kareem Kalokoh (gr), Keir (gb), KO KO MO (fr), Leoniden (de), lilly among clouds (de), Lomboy (be), Luwten (nl), Lysistrata (fr), Malihini (it), Marlene (se), Mateusz Franczak (pl), Millionaire (be), Milo Meskens (be), Mogli (de), MOLÉCULE Live (fr), Monolithe Noir (be), Museless (es), MY BABY (nl), MYRKUR: Folkesange (dk), Never Sol (cz), One Sentence. Supervisor (ch), Paceshifters (nl), Pale Grey (be), Pale Waves (gb), Panivalkova (ua), Pip Blom (nl), Polo & Pan live (fr), Pom Poko (no), Raoul Vignal (fr), Robocobra Quartet (ie), Roméo Elvis x Le Motel (be), Sälen (gb), Sheep Got Waxed (lt), Sônge (fr), Spoil Engine (be), Suff Daddy & The Lunch Birds (de), Super Besse (by), Super Parquet (fr), Surma (pt), Témé Tan (be), Terra Profonda (hu), The Cool Quest (nl), The Dawn Brothers (nl), The Zephyr Bones (es), TheColorGrey (be), Theodore (gr), THIRSTY EYES (at), Tolstoys (sk), Tom Grennan (gb), Tom Tripp (gb), Tom Walker (gb), Tontario (fi), Transylvania [Damn Fun] (ro), VUUR (nl), VRWRK (be), Walking Dead On Broadway (de), Warmdusher (gb), Will Heard (gb), WWWater (be), Yxng Bane (gb), Zulu Zulu (es).

Confirmed for Noorderslag:

NPO Soul and Jazz will host a stage at the Noorderslag festival, 20 January 2018. The performing acts were announced on Dutch national radio, NPO Radio 2.

THE HOWLIN’ (nl), De Raad van Toezicht (nl), Arp Frique (nl), Kim Hoorweg (nl) en Rilan & the Bombardiers (nl).


Eurosonic Noorderslag is one of the best places to discover new music. Segmented by genre, these playlists are the easiest and most comprehensive way of checking the programme out.

All #ESNS18 playlists: Deezer, YouTube, Spotify