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April 2014



Aborted completes lineup showcase festival and first panel announced for Buma ROCKS! on Friday, May 30, 2014

With Aborted Buma ROCKS! adds a heavyweight to its lineup. On Friday May 30th 2014, the day before metalfest FortaRock, rockvenue Doornroosje in Nijmegen serves up a steaming menu of talented heavy bands from the Netherlands: Herder, Purest Of Pain, Wasted Bullet, Paceshifters and Aborted. Afterwards Danish act Redwood Hill will keep the audience going, like they did during this year’s similar showcase festival When Copenhell Freezes Over in Copenhagen. Tickets for Buma ROCKS! showcase festival are available through and cost a mere € 7,50.

Aborted was founded in the mid-nineties in Flanders. By 2014, with three of its five members being Dutch, the band has become one of the major acts in death metal. They were still eager to sign up for the Buma ROCKS! showcase festival. Manager Daniel Regan states: “Aborted would like to show everyone where their solid reputation comes from. And they support the basic idea behind Buma ROCKS!, which is that metal from the Low Countries is as heavy and challenging as you can imagine.” The Necrotic Manifesto, the new studio album by Aborted, is out on April 30. In 2014 the band will play Europe and beyond (including the USA, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Australia).

Buma ROCKS! is more than just showcases, though. There’s a conference programme at Doornroosje in the afternoon, which includes a keynote speech, panel discussions and round table meetings between international hotspots and the bands performing later on, as well as a networking BBQ prior to the showcase festival. This package will bring together artists, booking and management agencies, labels and fans of heavy music from both the Netherlands and abroad.

English agent Beckie Sugden, American A&R manager Monte Malone and Danish metal promoter Jeppe Nissen will participate in a panel titled Breaking The Borders of Heavy Music. Starting with the co-operation between Buma ROCKS! and Music Export Denmark, the panel conducted by music journalist and metal connoisseur Mark van Schaick will evaluate the international reach of heavy music genres and discuss how acts can actually break out of their home countries.

Further information on panels and other parts of the Buma ROCKS! programme will follow shortly at