Frequently asked questions

Buma Cultuur promotes and supports Dutch music copyright with the music authors and music publishers affiliated with BumaStemra as the most important target group. Buma Cultuur does this by organizing events and awarding music prizes. See the Events section on this website.

The board of Buma Cultuur is formed by:

Erroll Antonie – publisher – head of a&r, BMG Talpa Music
Hans Bakker – author – composer, Audiobakery
Iason Chronis – author – music producer & DJ
Suzanne van den Dool – publisher – Sr. A&R Manager, Sony Music Publishing Benelux
Ben van den Dungen – author – composer, arranger, musician
Justin Hendrik – publisher – owner, Maktub Media
Vanessa Lann – author – composer

Every year, Buma Cultuur presents a number of awards for special achievements in the field of Dutch music. An overview of the current awards can be found on the Awards page in the About section. In the past, prizes have also been awarded by Buma Cultuur. You can find them below.

Buma Boy Edgar Prijs

From 2014 to 2021, Buma Cultuur was the main sponsor of the Boy Edgar Prijs. This is awarded annually to a musician who distinguishes himself through remarkable achievements in the creative field, with which he or she makes or has made a valuable contribution to Dutch jazz and improvised music. The winner receives a cash prize of € 25,000, the bronze interchangeable sculpture ‘John Coltrane’ by Jan Wolkers and may put together a concert evening with important musicians and/or up-and-coming talent in a venue of choice. This is followed by a guided tour by the winner with a combination of musicians specially composed for the prize. In April 2021, the prize was transferred to the Performing Arts Fund NL, but Buma Cultuur is still involved as a co-sponsor.

Buma ROCKS! Export Award

The Buma ROCK! Export Award is given to a band or artist who is successful abroad in heavier genres of music. Winners are Anneke van Giersbergen (2019), Floor Jansen (2018), Textures (2017), Within Temptation (2016), Epica (2015) and Ad Vandenberg (2014).

Buma Toonzetters Prijs

From 2008 to 2012, the Buma Toonzetters Prize was awarded during Toonzetters. The prize was awarded by a professional jury to the best new Dutch composition of the previous year. Winners of the Buma Toonzetters Prijs are Richard Rijnvos with NYConcerto (2008), Robin de Raaff with Vioolconcert (2009), Seung-Ah Oh with JungGa (2010), Yannis Kyriakides with Paramyth (2011) and Andys Skordis with Hoe dieper je gaat… hoe dieper je gaat… hoe dieper je gaat… dieper je gaat… jij gaat… jij? (2012).

In the past, the Cultural/Social Fund of BumaStemra and later Buma Cultuur contributed to external activities. Due to a gradual change in the nature of Buma Cultuur, the emphasis has shifted to its own activities. In exceptional cases, Buma Cultuur supports the activities of third parties.

Read more in the Project Protocol (in Dutch only).

Talent must be able to develop, both on stage and behind the scenes. Buma Cultuur supports various initiatives that help (prospective) musicians to gain stage experience and to develop further.

Buma Cultuur organizes the Muzikantendag and various student programs within the other events. In addition, Buma Music Academy has been developed to bring back and modernize music education in schools.

Read more about Buma Music Academy.

Buma Cultuur is committed to promoting Dutch music export in various ways.

Buma Cultuur represents Dutch music and the Dutch music industry at various music fairs, such as jazzahead!.

Buma Cultuur also commissions annual research into the export value of Dutch popular music. The results of this research are presented annually at ESNS. Check out the surveys from the past five years below (in Dutch only):

Export value Dutch music 2023
Export value Dutch music 2022
Export value Dutch music 2020 *
Export value Dutch music 2019
Export value Dutch music 2018
Export value Dutch music 2017

* due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no research has been done into the export value of Dutch music in 2021.