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April 2015



Buma ROCKS! and FortaRock in the City announce At The Gates and Antropomorphia for Friday night June 5th

On Friday June 5th we will bring you completely up to date on all things heavy. First of all, legendary Swedish band At The Gates have been confirmed for the line-up of FortaRock in the City, the evening programme to the Buma ROCKS! conference in rock venue Doornroosje in Nijmegen. Secondly, Buma ROCKS! is proud to present Dutch death metal band Antropomorphia as the last act to beef up the bill, with Krokodil (uk), Night Fever (dk), Scarred (lux) and Igorrr (fra) being confirmed earlier on. The rest of the Dutch delegation courtesy of Buma ROCKS! consists of Stream of Passion, Mary Fields and Mandrake’s Monster.

Swedish band At The Gates were one of the founding acts of the famous Gothenburg scene and are considered one of the innovators of the genre. Death metal played with great melodic sense and clearly identifiable elements of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, thrash metal and black metal. After four albums the Swedes put a stop to their career with 1995’s ‘Slaughter of the Soul’. It took them almost twelve years to regroup, and another seven (!) years before they recorded a follow-up to ‘Slaughter of the Soul’. Still, with ‘At War With Reality’ (2014) the band around singer Tomas ‘Thumpa’ Lindberg managed to connect the old and the new, resulting in an album that sounds both familiar and fresh, and as heavy as one could hope for.

Antropomorphia from Tilburg has been founded in 1990, but after a couple of years playing local gigs and recording EP’s and demos the band members got involved in different projects (Crustacean, Flesh Made Sin). In 1999 they decided to put Antropomorphia on indefinite hold, only to rise like a phoenix from the ashes in 2009. In 2012 their first full-length album was released on Metal Blade Records, ‘Evangelivm Nekromantia’, followed by ‘Rites ov Perversion’ in 2014. Pummeling old-school death metal reminiscent of the golden days when Dutch bands like Asphyx, Gorefest, Thanatos, Altar and Sinister roamed the land. Antropomorphia’s music and their extreme approach in lyrics, artwork and videos resulted in performances on high-profile festivals such as Neurotic Deathfest and Extremefest. “It is important to look beyond the Netherlands, for our style of extreme metal flourishes best on larger festivals”, says drummer Marco Stubbe. “In the Netherlands there are but a few of those. A country like Germany offers lots of possibilities in this respect, and is a bigger market anyway. Since our music will never have any chart success, we don’t feel restricted to keep operating within any country’s borders.”

FortaRock in the City 2015
With At The Gates (wwe), Igorrr (fra), Stream of Passion (nl), Krokodil (uk), Mandrake’s Monster (nl), Antropomorphia (nl), Night Fever (dk), Mary Fields (nl) en Scarred (lux)
Friday night June 5th 2015
Doornroosje, Nijmegen
Ticket: € 15 or € 5 (when in possession of a FortaRock ticket)
Doors: 7.00 pm
Start: 8.00 pm
Ticket sales:

With a ticket to Buma ROCKS! you are automatically admitted to FortaRock in the City as well. For more information on Buma ROCKS!:

Buma ROCKS! is an initiative of Buma Cultuur and is made possible with the help of Mojo Concerts, FortaRock, Doornroosje and Suburban.