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May 2013



Buma ROCKS! completes line-up with Adje Vandenberg and John Coffey

By adding John Coffey to the showcase festival and by announcing Adje Vandenberg as keynote speaker, Buma ROCKS! completes its program. Buma ROCKS! is the new event for lovers of heavy rock and metal, on the 31st of May in Doornroosje, Nijmegen. Please find the final timetable of Buma ROCKS! as well as all other information about the festival at

John Coffey was named after a character from the Stephen King short-story-come-major motion-picture The Green Mile. The band started in 2005 and after debut album Vanity managed to collect the money necessary for its follow-up, Bright Companions, through crowdfunding, with some help of Sellaband. The sound of the album, as greasy and as loud as it gets, was recorded in the studio of producer Pelle Gunnerfedt , one of Sweden’s most prominent producers (The Hives, Refused). Bright Companions was hailed as one of the best Dutch releases of 2012 and during Buma ROCKS! they will prove why. Textures, Black-Bone, From Earth and The Charm The Fury have been announced earlier on as participants of the showcase festival of Buma ROCKS!

Buma ROCKS! will be kicked off by festival director Frank Helmink. Directly afterwards there is an in-depth interview with the man who stormed the charts in the eighties with his own hardrock band ánd with Whitesnake: Adrian Vandenberg. His manager of old and Dutch hard rock aficionado, author TJ Lammers, will look back on some of the guitarist’s adventurous experiences, but is first and foremost looking for the ultimate answer to the question that is on every Dutch rock musician’s mind: how will I be successful abroad?

The tantalizing statement “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much” will be brought to the table during the Buma ROCKS! talkshow. Hosted by Eric Corton, six guests, a cross section of the rock and metal industry, will discuss the state of heavy Holland in the year 2013 and look at the international opportunities of our artists. Even if they have been introduced before, Buma ROCKS! is proud to present Ian Sales (Metallica’s first agent, among others, and System Of A Down’s), Bob Schoenmaekers (festival director of Graspop, Belgium), singer Charlotte Wessels (Delain), artist manager Daniel Regan (formerly of Textures, now Epica), booker Jeps Salfischberger (in the past responsible for Gorefest, Within Temptation, Green Lizard and After Forever, nowadays working with Delain and Textures) and Mascot Label Group-owner Ed van Zijl. Needless to say that all present are allowed to participate in the round table discussion.
Record label Suburban is co-hosting a fitting BBQ afterwards, providing sufficient networking opportunity.

‘The international conference and showcase festival for loud music’
Friday 31 mei 2013
Doornroosje Nijmegen
Registration for Keynote & Talkshow: € 49,- (including BBQ and showcase festival admission)
Showcase festival only: € 10,- (excluding transactiekosten)
Doornroosje doors open: 14.00 hrs (showcase festival: 19.00 hrs)
Start conference programme: 15.00 hrs
Start showcase festival: 19.30 hrs

More information about and/or interest in conference programme registration:
Tickets to showcase festival available through

Buma ROCKS! is an initiative of Buma Cultuur, made possible by Mojo Concerts and FortaRock.