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May 2017



Buma ROCKS! presents Heavy Chats matchmaking sessions during FortaRock In The City

Buma ROCKS! will host Heavy Chats, a matchmaking session in Doornroosje during FortaRock In The City on May 27th 2017. Aspiring bands, composers, managers, booking agents and festival promotors in rock, metal and punk who are visiting Buma ROCKS! at FortaRock In The City can register for the Heavy Chats sessions, to be scheduled between 17.30 and 18.15 hrs. Each Heavy Chat will be a ten minutes long, one on one talk about the music business, building a career and more.

Sign up through the Buma ROCKS! website with this link for a Heavy Chat with one, two or three of the heavy music professionals listed below.

Roman Hödl (AU) is a booker and manager based in Vienna, after living in the Netherlands for a long time. With his company District 19 he is working for metal bands around the globe. Some of his Dutch acts are Asphyx, Sinister, Bodyfarm, Distillator and Izegrim. International: Aeternus, Flotsam & Jetsam, Necrophobic, Impaled Nazarene. Roman is the driving force behind festivals like Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Vienna Metal Meeting and Stockholm Slaughter.

Jan-Martin Jensen (NO) is co-owner and booker at Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway, one of the leading festivals for extreme metal music in Europe since 2001. Jan-Martin also promotes and books shows all year, through his company Radar Booking, which amongst others is exclusively representing legendary Norwegian Black Metal pioneers Mayhem in Scandinavia, and non-exclusively for the rest of the world.

Lulu Davis (UK) is a music manager, publicist, and owner of Incendia Music in England. She has been working at a variety of companies (a.o. Spinefarm Records, Century Media Records in LA, Mascot Label Group, Live Nation, The Noise Cartel) and festivals. She was long-listed in Music Week’s 30 under 30 and is recognized as one of the most prominent up-and-coming managers in England, working with Brutai, Oceans Of Slumber and Voyager.

Becky Laverty (UK) has been a freelance publicist for ten years, working with various labels, artists and festivals along the way. Current clients include Roadburn Festival, Prophecy Productions, Tee Pee Records, and Damnation Festival. As well as publicity, she also coordinates the side programme at Roadburn Festival and assists the artistic director. She established Pioneer Music Press as an umbrella for all these activities – and more!

Enzo Marangelli (BE) is a booking agent at RTN Touring. He started out by managing and booking Belgian speed metal band Evil Invaders, bringing them from the underground onto Belgium’s biggest festivals. He managed to add Evil Invaders to RTN’s roster. Enzo got asked to book other bands for RTN as well, now taking care of names such as Imperial State Electric, Horisont, Kobra and the Lotus, The Vintage Caravan, Warbringer and, of course, Evil Invaders.

Gunnar Sauermann (DE) is best known for his work as a contributor to the German edition of Metal Hammer, as well as other publications. In his second job he is taking care of the international promotion for French metal label Season of Mist.

Jef Verheijen (BE) is the owner of Rock The Fox, artist management for among others The Vintage Caravan (ISL), Off The Cross (BE) and pop bands Nele Needs A Holiday (BE) and [TULSK]I (BE). For the Belgian territory Jef takes care of booking the likes of DeWolff, Birth Of Joy, Spoil Engine, Storksky, Dead Lord and many others.

Bindu De Knock (BE) is working as a lawyer at Crosslink Legal in Amsterdam, specializing in Intellectual Property, Music & Entertainment Law. She represents Top DJ’s, songwriters, vocalists and other creatives. She has worked on several cases within the music industry. An active musician and producer herself, she published Noot Voor Noot in 2015, a book that serves both as an introduction to all matters concerning copyright for musicians and an introduction to musical terminology for jurists.

Wilfried Damman (NL) has been an artist manager for more than 15 years. Leading a team of four artist managers, his roster consists of a wide variety of artists, genres, composers and other clients. Additional to management, his companies offer services like bookings, publishing and consultancy. In rock music, Wilfried worked with artists like Peter Pan Speedrock, The Apers, John Coffey and Destine. Currently he’s working on Mandrake’s Monster.

Buma ROCKS! @ FortaRock In The City
Saturday 27 May, 14.00 – 00.30, Doornroosje, Nijmegen. With a.o. Heavy Chats matchmaking sessions, The Wheel Of Steel Rock Quiz and performances of Ulsect, Pelgrim, DOOL, The Charm The Fury, Decapitated, Periphery, Batushka, The Contortionist, Destrage, Noctem. Tickets Buma ROCKS! / FortaRock in the City through