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Buma Cultuur
Saturnusstraat 46-62
The Netherlands

tel: +31 (0)23 303 61 00

For matters concerning music copyright such as collection, infringement of your rights, licenses, plagiarism, registration of compositions and becoming a member of Buma, you should contact Buma/Stemra immediately.

Frank Helmink, managing director
Ikaros van Duppen, genremanager jazz & contemporary music
Maartje Glas, manager BMIM
Marnix la Gro, assistant program & production
Patrick Heeregrave, content manager
Saskia Hoekstra, office manager
Richard de Jeu, controller
Marga Poen, financial administration
Bas Reeders, project coordinator
Mark van Schaick, freelance conference coordinator & editor
Madeline Tellegen, freelance producer
Romy Tiemens, hospitality & partnerships