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March 2018



ESNS to focus on Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2019

Every year ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) highlights the very best emerging acts from a different country, showcasing the diversity of musical talent across Europe. In close cooperation with Pohoda Festival CEO Michal Kašcák and Márton Náray, Director of Sound Czech / Czech Music Office, ESNS is proud to announce its first ever dual-country focus on the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2019.

ESNS booker Robert Meijerink comments, “We are keen to showcase the unique, high-quality music from these two neighbors. Although two of the youngest countries in Europe, they both have diverse and growing music scenes, a great history and lots of amazing music to be discovered.”

Coordinator of the ESNS conference Ruud Berends is particularly excited to focus on these two countries, both from an historic perspective and because this focus is in many ways the culmination of what ESNS achieved with its partners and friends in the CEE countries between 2011 and 2016 through the CEETEP programme. “I am confident that this will be a remarkable focus, especially with CR / Radio Wave and Radio_FM, Sound Czech / Czech Music Office and the ETEP festivals Colours of Ostrava, Metronome Festival, Rock for People, United Islands of Prague (Czech Republic) and Pohoda (Slovakia) on board.”

Director of the Czech Sound music office Márton Náray comments that the music scene in the Czech Republic has grown tremendously over the past five to ten years, with over 500 summer festivals, a booming club scene and dozens of great upcoming musical talents. “We are excited about the opportunity to show European professionals how much we have to offer. I think it is the perfect moment to do that.”

CEO and booker of Pohoda Festival Michal Kašcák adds that this opportunity is perfectly timed. “It is great to be a music fan in Slovakia. The whole world knows Metallica, PJ Harvey and The Sex Pistols. And we are lucky enough to know Cad, Jana Kirschner and The Wilderness. But don’t worry – thanks to the Czech-Slovakian focus at ESNS 2019, we will be sharing our hidden treasures with music lovers around the world. They deserve it!”

Registrations for ESNS 2019, which takes place from January 16 – 19, 2019 are now available at a super early bird rate of € 260,- through our website:

Acts wishing to play ESNS 2019 will be able to submit an online application for a showcase at the festival from May 1 until September 1, 2018.

About ESNS
ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) is the place to discover and access the very best emerging European music talent. The event has a proven track record of helping to break new acts on the international music scene, with now well-known names such as Alma, Ásgeir, Aurora, Dua Lipa, Hozier, HER, Mø, My Baby, Rejjie Snow, Lost Frequencies, Roosevelt, Royal Blood, Seinabo Sey and Vök, having played at ESNS as up and coming talents. The B2B side of the event attracts more than 4,000 entertainment industry professionals from all sections of the industry, including representatives of over 400 European festivals. Each year, ESNS stages more than 350 showcases all over the city of Groningen as well as offering a comprehensive and focused conference programme of around 150 panels and keynotes, alongside multiple networking opportunities.