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January 2012



EU proposal for new European culture policy helps the mission of Eurosonic Noorderslag

In this opinion piece she writes:

“The economic crisis holds Europe in its grip and unemployment rates are unprecedently high, especially among the youth. But there are also opportunities: we are in a transition to an economy based on knowledge, which puts new demands on the working population. In this phase it is crucial to invest in the talent and creativity of people – especially young people. This is the only way to seize the opportunities the new knowledge-based economy offers.

The organization of pop festival Eurosonic Noorderslag understands this and promotes upcoming European talents who are successful outside their home territory. The festival also organizes the annual European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA Awards) with support from the European Commission.”

“We acknowledge that it takes extra effort when an artist wants to participate in cross-border cooperations or wants to reach people in other European countries. This is why we support the EBBA Awards and the European Talent Exchange Program of Eurosonic Noorderslag.

But the world of European pop music needs more than an annual award. Just now, in times of crisis, more investment in culture is essential for the arts to survive. That is one of the reasons why the European Commission wants to strengthen the culture and media programme with additional support measures and a higher budget. Otherwise, the lack of cultural diversity will hamper economic growth.”

Eurosonic Noorderslag aims to encourage the circulation of Europees musical repertoire and artists. The new EU proposal supports pop music and the circulation of European repertoire and gives cultural entrepreneurs better access to credit facilities.

Response Eurosonic Noorderslag
Peter Smidt, Creative director of Eurosonic Noorderslag: “The past edition of Eurosonic Noorderslag once again showed the versatile quality of European pop music. However, the research report ‘Music Crossing Borders’, about the circulation of European repertoire in Europe, which was presented this year during the conference, proves that there is no real circulation taking place. The new policy proposed by the European Commission offers more possibilities for better positioning of European pop music. I sincerely hope that the Culture ministers of the 27 member states will support the proposal of the European Commission.”

More information about the opinion piece and the European culture policy:

The report ‘Music Crossing Borders’ about the circulation of European repertoire can be found here:

The opinion piece by the Commissioner can be found here (in Dutch):