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November 2016



Eurosonic Noorderslag expands line-up with 88 new names – festival tickets Noorderslag sold out

With Eurosonic tickets and conference registrations still available, passe-partouts for Eurosonic Noorderslag and Noorderslag festival tickets are now sold out. Eurosonic Noorderslag has added a further 88 acts to the line-up, including Thomas Azier, Youngr, Flavien Berger, Jett Rebel (solo performance), HER, Teleman and Tommy Cash. A total of over 350 bands and acts from 31 European countries are expected to perform at the showcase festival which takes place from the 11th – 14th of January in Groningen, the Netherlands.

New additions:

ALA.NI (fr), Altrego (be), Amber Arcades (nl), Aries (es), Barbagallo (fr), Beach Beach (es), Bearoid (es), Betsy (gb), Black Oak (nl), Brian Deady (ie), Brutus (be), Buvette (ch), Cadenza (gb), CC Smugglers (gb), CUT_ (nl), DaGamba (lv), Dardust (it), DJ Firmeza (pt), Dool (nl), East of My Youth (is), Echo Beatty (be), Elephant9 (no), Exmagician (ie), Farewell Dear Ghost (at), Flavien Berger (fr), Fleddy Melculy (be), Francobollo (se/gb), Ghost of you (cz), Giant Rooks (de), Gidge (se), Giungla (it), Gli Sportivi (it), Glints (be), Goat Girl (gb), GoldFFinch (be), Guillaume Perret (fr), Gundelach (no), HER (fr), Holly Macve (gb), It’s Everyone Else (si), J.C. Satan (fr), Jacle Bow (be), Jacques (fr), JATA (de), Jett Rebel (solo performance) (nl), Kid Flicks (gr), L.A. Salami (gb), La Jungle (be), Let’s Eat Grandma (gb), LTGL (be), Magic Island (de), Me + Marie (ch), Mikko Joensuu (fi), Moonshiners (pt), Mother’s Cake (at), Mozes and the Firstborn (nl), Navarone (nl), Newmoon (be), Olde Gods (es), Otzeki (gb), Petit Biscuit (fr), Rats on Rafts / De Kift (nl), Sauropod (no), Skott (se), SLØTFACE (no), Sonars (it), St. Tropez (nl), TAU (de), Teksti-TV 666 (fi), Teleman (gb), The Courettes (dk), The Eskies (ie), The Happy Mess (pt), The Magic Gang (gb), The Moonlandingz (gb), Thomas Azier (nl), Thundermother (se), Tommy Cash (ee), Torus (nl), Trupa Trupa (pl), Tsar B (be), URSINA (ch), Wandl (at), White Wine (de), Wucan (de), Yes I’m Very Tired Now (ch), Youngr (gb), and Yuma Sun (no) were added to the line-up today, view all confirmed acts here.


  • Noorderslag: € 72,50 (sold out)
  • ESNS Passe-partout (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday): € 137,50 (sold out)
  • Eurosonic Wednesday: € 25,-
  • Eurosonic Thursday and Friday: € 70,-
  • Noorderslag YUNG! Ticket € 25,- (visitors up to 18 years old, limited amount of tickets available)

About Eurosonic Noorderslag

Eurosonic Noorderslag is the key exchange and networking platform for European music, with a proven track record for helping to break new acts on the international live music scene. Selling out each year, the event attracts more than 4,000 professional delegates, including representatives of over 400 international festivals. Each year, Eurosonic Noorderslag presents showcases by more than 350 acts alongside a conference program covering the latest developments in the international music, media, production and interactive industries.

Discover Eurosonic Noorderslag

With over hundreds of acts performing, Eurosonic Noorderslag is one of the best opportunities to check out new music from Europe. Finding it hard to make choices Eurosonic Noorderslag is introducing six Discover ESNS playlists on Spotify. Segmented by genre, these playlists are the easiest and most comprehensive way of checking the program out.