Buma Awards

Buma Cultuur presents every year the Buma Awards, with prices for Dutch composers, text poets and their publishers. Also the Buma Gouden Harp, the Buma Filmuziek Awards, the Lennaert Nijgh Price and a Lifetime Achievement Award are awarded.

In honour of composers, text poets and music publishers

Every year the Buma Awards are awarded. During a festive evening composers, text poets and music publishers are honoured with a Buma Award in various categories. Awards are given to the twenty most played and sold songs written by (Dutch) Buma members. Awards are also presented to the writers of the international most successful (Dutch) song and the best text poet receives the Lennaert Nijgh Price. The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to the biggest composer, it honours music that is written for the most successful Dutch movie. Last but not least, the Gouden Harp is awarded to the person that meant a lot for the Dutch copyright for music from the Netherlands.

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