Buma NL

2 October 2023

Buma NL is the conference and the festival for Dutch-language music. A one-day event with panels, discussions, showcases and the award show is the professional focal point for everyone who works for and with the Dutch repertoire!

The best Dutch music

Buma NL consists of a conference program during the day and an award show in the evening, all centred around the best Dutch music. The aim is, on the one hand, to inform professionals from the industry about what is going on and to mobilize, facilitate and strengthen the sector in order to ultimately increase the recognition of Dutch-language music. On the other hand, Buma NL offers the public a program of the best from the Dutch-speaking music industry.

A joint initiative

Buma NL is a joint initiative of Buma Cultuur and Buma and is made possible in part by Sena Performers. The production is provided by Ambassadors of Entertainment.

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