Dutch Music Export

Dutch Music Export is an initiative of  Performing Arts Fonds NLBuma Cultuur, Music Managers Forum and Stichting Popcoalitie. Its purpose is to show and measure structurally the strengthening international position of Dutch pop music within the worldwide music sector.

Strengthening international position

Dutch Music Export stands for a structural approach, in the form of a broad layer of sustainably internationally active and successful artists, groups, DJs and producers with approval of high-quality pop, dance, alternative, HipHop/R&B and rock genres on mainstream- and niche territory. A strong position of the Dutch cultural sector abroad through visibility, exchange and durable collaboration.

Strengthening the international position of Dutch pop music worldwide will result in market expansion, more professionalism and turnover, and higher quality in important focus markets.

Activities of Dutch Music Export

The activities of Dutch Music Export consist of:

  • Information and education for Dutch artists, music professionals and music companies.
  • A marketing arrangement in which budgets are provided for marketing on international releases.
  • A ‘Structural Multi-Year Arrangement‘ to support international Dutch artists. More information will follow later this year.
  • Intervision sessions in which the participating acts and their agents exchange knowledge and experience and the parties advise and support each other.
  • Continuous close collaboration between DME and the Dutch mission network with regard to the exchange of international knowledge and network.
  • Collective promotion in the form of Dutch Music Export campaigns at leading international music conventions and showcase festivals.
  • Collective promotion through the use of the Visitor Regulation whereby foreign professionals are invited to share knowledge, expertise and network during NL showcase festivals and knowledge sessions.
  • Creating a dance depot where financial obstacles are removed to enable creative international collaborations for a flow of new young dance talent. More information will follow later this year.

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