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The Muzikantendag is the place where musicians get to know more about the artistic and business ways of musicianship. The masterclasses and workshops from prominent artists and experts from the music industry give you extra baggage for the development of your music ambitions. A lot of kingpins from the music industry will be present on Muzikantendag, it’s your chance to network, ask questions and plug your demo.

Come to Muzikantendag

Everything starts with a good song, but just a good song doesn’t promise you a successful career. As a musician, you have to develop yourself as an entrepreneur, but where do you start? There are a lot of rules, contracts, possibilities and pitfalls. Ask the experts on Muzikantendag.

Get discovered!

Do you want to make it in music? Letting your music be heard and showing your face to the right people from the industry is the next big step. That’s one of the reasons why you should come to Muzikantendag.

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The Muzikantendag is presented by Buma. The day is organised by Buma Cultuur and GRAP in collaboration with POPnl, Sena, the Grote Prijs van Nederland, Musicmaker, Interface, De Bassist, Gitarist, Slagwerkkrant and the Melkweg. More information can be found on

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