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August 2012



Latest developments in pop music at Buma Rotterdam Beats

According to Roger Brouwn, festival director of BRB, the festival program aims to spot relevant acts and identify trends within its genres. “These first names show the direction we are heading in.” says Brouwn. “We will let visitors become acquainted with a wide selection of new, sensational music.” This results in a mix of national and international talent and a colorful array of musical styles.

Scottish DJ and producer Hudson Mohawke, a headliner in the truest sense of the word, will undoubtedly give a fantastic live performance. Mohawke is one of the most important musical innovators of the moment, with his electronic beats, combining incredibly deep bass and throbbing, southern hip-hop influences. Therefore it may come as no surprise that he is also an emerging, popular name in the American hip-hop scene.

Another artist making her name in the upper tier of the American hip-hop scene, is rapper Iggy Azalea. She was recently selected by XXL Magazine readers, the main hip-hop magazine of America and media partner of BRB, as the most important new hip hop act. “You can really notice an increase in female rappers again,” says Brouwn. “We are pleased to have booked Iggy Azalea for her first appearance in Europe.” Iggy, who emigrated from Australia to the United States to build on her musical dream, is currently working on her debut album with hip-hop superstar TI.

The international delegation is complemented by Pac Div, a rap group from California and a very highly regarded and versatile musical hip-hop trio, who released their debut album The Div last year, without doubt one of the most impressive releases of 2011. Also from California: Nick Waterhouse, a white soul singer who has been signed by the progressive and influential hip-hop label Stones Throw. Latest confirmed act is the London producer Lil Silva, who conquered the local scene with his funky grim variant.

A number of Dutch acts with great international potential will join BRB. Rap group Dope D.O.D. couldn’t make it to BRB last year due to their US tour supporting Korn. This year however, they will be present with a stunning live performance at the festival, as well as participating in the conference program to talk about their international touring experience. Much can be expected from SKIP&DIE, a project from the Dutch producer Jori Collignon (C-Mon & Kypski, Nobody Beats The Drum) and the fantastic South African singer lady Cata.Pirata, who are blending musical influences from all corners of the world.

The BRB festival program also hosts leading club nights like Jamrock, Donuts and Colors. At Colors the explosive Dutch DJ Cinnaman, one of the biggest stars in the suburban nightlife at the moment, will perform next to headliner Hudson Mohawke. Concluding this first selection of Dutch acts will be The Opposites, figureheads of the local scene who are crossing borders with their exciting shows and neat productions. The Dutch rappers are working on several EPs in the upcoming months and have no gigs planned. But they will join BRB for an exclusive performance.

In addition to the two-day showcase festival, BRB also hosts the highly acclaimed State Awards on 15 November, and a two-day business conference, for which keynote speakers Riggs Morales (VP A&R at Eminem’s record label Shady Records) and digital pioneer Roger Linn (“the father of the MPC”) were previously announced. Next week a detailed update of both the day and evening will be provided.

1-Day and 2-day tickets for the festival are now available. Conference visitors can purchase an all inclusive three day ticket to access all BRB parts: The annual State Awards, the business conference, the talent program Next Beats and the full festival program.

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Buma Rotterdam Beats takes place on 15, 16 & 17 November and is organized by the Buma Rotterdam Beats Foundation, an initiative of Buma and supported by Sena.

This event is part of the yearly agenda of Rotterdam Festivals. For a complete overview visit