Buma NL Awards 2023: these are the winners.

Today was the day: the Buma NL Awards. This annual event, featuring a full conference program during the day and a captivating award show in the evening, stands as a professional gathering for everyone involved in the Dutch-language music industry. This year’s theme was ‘connection through creation‘.

Winners of the Buma NL Awards 2023

Analyses were done on the data from GfK, Soundaware, and the Stichting Nederlandse Top 40 to determine the winners. The input was sales figures (tracks and albums) and airplay data (tracks) from June 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023.

Most Successful Singles of 2023

Covers and remixes made a strong showing in this year’s Top 10. Mart Hoogkamer even made two appearances. Here are the top 10 most successful singles of 2023:

  1. Engelbewaarder – Marco Schuitmaker
    Author: Pierre Kartner
    Publisher: Strengholt Music Publishing
  2. Vanavond (Uit M’n Bol) – Kris Kross Amsterdam, Donnie & Tino Martin
    Authors: Emile Hartkamp, Riny Schreijenberg, André Hazes, Sander Huisman, Jordy Huisman, Carlos Vrolijk, Brahim Fouradi, Sigourney Korper, Donnie Ellerström, Bart Janssen
    Publishers: Strengholt Music Publishing, Melvin Produkties
  3. In Spanje – Mart Hoogkamer
    Authors: Bas van Toor, Aad van Toor, Rinus van Galen
    Publisher: NRGY Music
  4. Dat Interesseert Me Echt Geen Ene Reet – René Karst
    Authors: René Karst
    Publisher: BMG Benelux
  5. Turk Uit De Kroeg – Ammar
    Authors: Ammar Bozoglu, Bart Janssen, Oliver de la Rosa Padilla, Omar Secka, Hans Tomassen, Billy Dans
    Publishers: Cloud 9 Music, ROQ ’N Rolla Publishing
  6. Amalia – Wesly Bronkhorst
    Authors: Wesly Bronkhorst, Raymond de Bruijn, Carlo Rijsdijk, Manfred Jongenelis
    Publishers: NRGY Music, Cornelis Publishing
  7. Diamant – Mart Hoogkamer
    Authors: Jeroen Russchen, Robert Vredeveld, Colin Heikens, Rutger Kanis
    Publishers: NRGY Music, Strengholt Music Publishing, CTM Publishing
  8. Kies Je Nog Voor Mij – John West & Bizzey
    Authors: Billy Dans, John West, Carlos Vrolijk, Jonathan Maridjan, Leo Roelandschap
    Publishers: Cornelis Publishing, BMG Benelux
  9. We Dansen Op De Mambo – Django Wagner
    Authors: Waylon van der Heijden, Django Wagner, Frank van Weert
    Publisher: Berk Music
  10. Mijn Liefste – Tino Martin
    Authors: Alon Dreesde, Billy Dans, Hans Tomassen
    Publishers: Warner Chappell Music, BMG Benelux

Engelbewaarder is the big winner of the Buma NL Awards 2023

In addition to the awards for Most Successful Single, an award was also presented this year to Hans Aalbers for Best Producer, while Tom Peters was declared Dutch Master. Tony van de Berkt can call himself the winner of the Industry Award. The Most Successful Pub Hit in collaboration with Xenox was also awarded to Engelbewaarder.

About Buma NL

Buma NL is a joint initiative of Buma Cultuur and BumaStemra. It serves as both a conference and a festival for Dutch-language music. Additionally, the organization shines a spotlight on the nominees, including activities like the karaoke bus. Learn more about Buma NL.

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