inJazz festival en conferentie programma 2024

Free jazz festival inJazz from 26 to 28 June in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

In the week of June 26, 2024, the two largest cities in the Netherlands will be filled with the sounds, professionals, and enthusiasts of jazz music. In Amsterdam and Rotterdam, it is time for inJazz again! This 18th edition promises to be a true spectacle again. The event has become the most important showcase, conference and networking event in the Netherlands for jazz music and related genres. And this is the programme!

Programme inJazz 2024

inJazz consists of a festival and a conference. From Wednesday 26 June to Friday 28 June, performances and panels, among other things, are on the programme. The opening is on Wednesday, June 26, in the Amsterdam BIMHUIS. On Thursday, June 27, inJazz will descend on the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam, and then conclude on Friday, June 28 at the Batavierhuis in Rotterdam.

Festival inJazz 2024

As always, the inJazz festival is free to attend. With 17 performances by current jazz artists from both the Netherlands and abroad, you can discover your new favourite. The Dutch acts were chosen from 250 registrations, a record number!

On Wednesday June 26 you will hear and see the following acts in BIMHUIS (Amsterdam): Ponga (NL), Giuseppe Doronzo & Andy Moor & Frank Rosaly (NL), Mark Lotz – Freshta (NL) and TELEVIZYON (NL). On Thursday, June 27, the festival continues in Rotterdam at LantarenVenster and MOOD: 100% Cottone (NL), Andrés Coll Cosmic Trio (ES), Evita Polidoro NEROVIVO (IT), FaKruTu: Dakar Edition, Federico Calcagno Octet (NL), Femke Mooren Quartet (NL), Jacopo Ferrazza Wood Tales (IT), Marit van der Lei Nextet (NL), NAUSYQA (NL), Ping-En Hung (NL), WAAN (NL), Wasted Generation (IT) and Y.O.P.E. (NL).

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“Less than two months after the extremely successful Dutch focus on the jazzahead fair! in Bremen, we can now celebrate Dutch jazz again at our own inJazz. We notice that inJazz has become a real springboard for Dutch jazz acts. Last year alone: ​​from Alto for Two to the Meral Polat Trio and from Raquel Kurpershoek to NOHMI, the inJazz selection travels around the world. This year’s NN North Sea Jazz Festival program even has seven acts with an inJazz background. The female artists are doing remarkably well. I therefore call on all Dutch jazz lovers to discover the next wave of jazz talent for themselves at inJazz 2024!”

Mark van Schaick, general manager inJazz

The Rotterdam inJazz festival programme is this year once again the kick-off of the North Sea Round Town festival. A festival that guarantees you two weeks of jazz in Rotterdam!

Italian focus

Last year’s Catalan focus already proved that inJazz blurs boundaries. This year the focus is on Italy, in collaboration with Associazione I-Jazz, an organization to which the most famous and most important Italian jazz festivals are affiliated. Three bands from their talent program Nuova Generazione Jazz will perform during the festival. The conference will include a round table discussion about current relationships between Italian and Dutch jazz musicians, the importance of exchange and the mutual internationalization process.

Conference inJazz 2024

The conference part of inJazz starts on Thursday, June 27 in LantarenVenster in Rotterdam. You can meet with other professionals from home and abroad. Come network, exchange experiences and gain knowledge. Composer Laureate of the Netherlands Anne-Maartje Lemereis shares her experiences as a composer. Two award-winning composers, who combine their jazz practice with music composition for media, also share how you can compose for films or documentaries as a jazz musician. The conference program has been supplemented with various panels and an extensive matchmaking program. Like every year, the winner of the Boy Edgar Prize is also announced. On Friday, June 28, the conference will conclude in collaboration with North Sea Round Town in the Batavierhuis (Rotterdam), with a duo concert by NSRT Artist in Focus Alessandro Fongaro and George Dumitriu. View the timetable of the inJazz conference.

About inJazz

inJazz is an initiative of BumaStemra, through which the organization supports Dutch jazz and its composers at a national and international level. In addition to the fact that inJazz has grown into the most important showcase, conference and networking event in the Netherlands for jazz music and related genres, inJazz also had its own radio and streaming platform since 2024, called inJazz Radio. There you will hear new Dutch productions and (often your own) live recordings every week. The 2024 edition of inJazz is supported by, among others, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Sena Performers, Fonds Podiumkunsten, North Sea Round Town, BIMHUIS, LantarenVenster, MOOD, Batavierhuis, World Music Forum and New Music NOW.

Read more about inJazz.

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