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Launch of inJazz Radio: a new look at Jazz and Radio

The colorful marriage between Jazz and Radio is entering a new phase! From February 3, 2024 you will hear the new radio special ‘inJazz Radio’ every week, presented by Co de Kloet, in collaboration with Buma Cultuur and Zivasound. During this hour, the promotion of Dutch music from, among others, the jazz and world genres is the main focus.

inJazz Radio

In addition to the regular broadcast on the Concertzender, inJazz Radio will be heard on many other platforms. Other radio stations, podcasts and specialized websites can also include inJazz Radio in their package. This is good news, because the Netherlands has a lively scene of composers, musicians, promoters, journalists, and venues for jazz, world, and everything related to it. This gives the genres the attention they deserve! What can you expect in an episode?

  • New music with a focus on Dutch copyright
  • Dutch makers about their latest releases
  • Location recordings and broadcasts with live music
  • A bimonthly English-language version to promote new Dutch music internationally

Music of today

Co de Kloet has been active since the 1980s as a producer and presenter of special music. Which also include jazz, world & beyond. This is why he would like to present this program:

“Today’s listening behavior requires new ways of distribution. InJazz Radio will be heard in many places, so we offer listeners, both enthusiasts and new audience groups, the opportunity to become acquainted with – and hopefully be pleasantly surprised by – today’s music within their familiar listening environment. The fact that the musicians and composers deserve attention is not a point of discussion for me.”

Co de Kloet

Letting go of the traditional bond between sender and listener

Mark van Schaick works as editor-in-chief and genre manager for classical, jazz, and world at Buma Cultuur. Together with Co de Kloet, he takes on the production and presentation of this program, which is fully in line with the mission of Buma Cultuur.

“InJazz Radio is independently produced and freely distributed. Listeners come into contact with the beautiful and exciting jazz-related music from our own country via a dedicated channel such as the Concertzender and soon also via regional broadcasters, websites, and podcast platforms. By letting go of the traditional bond between sender and listener, we increase the visibility and audibility of the programming. This is completely in line with the mission that we as Buma Cultuur have: to bring as many people as possible into contact with big names and young talents who give shape and content to Dutch jazz in all its facets.”

Mark van Schaick

The first episode of inJazz Radio

The first episode will be recorded live at the Brinkhuis in Laren on February 4. The line-up from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM is:

  • Boy Edgarprijs winner 2023 Monica Akihary with Niels Brouwer
  • Boy Edgarprijs winner 2022 Ronald Snijders with guitarist Andro Biswane
  • Winner Laren Jazz Award 2023 Ketija Ringa with her Quintet
  • Trio Eran Har Even

About inJazz

For many years, inJazz has promoted Dutch jazz and its composers on both a national and an international level. An initiative of Dutch collecting society BumaStemra, inJazz has become known as the Netherlands’ main showcase, conference and networking event for jazz music and its affiliate genres.

Read more about inJazz on the inJazz website.

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