Buma NL adreswijziging nieuwsbericht

New address for Buma NL Awards

Buma NL and Buma NL awards are moving! On Monday the 2nd of October the conference and festival for Dutch music will be held in Poppdoium 013 in Tilburg. With this new venue, songwriters and composers have an even bigger spotlight! The Buma NL Awards also get an update.

Buma NL 

Buma NL is an annual event with interactive panels, discussions, masterclasses, showcases and Buma NL Awards show. It is the professional highlight for everyone who works for and within the Dutch repertoire. This year the theme will be: connection for creation.

New structure Buma NL Awards

Buma NL Awards are based upon the data of GfK, Soundaware and the Foundation Nederlandse Top 40. With this data, there will be a quantitative analysis of sales records (tracks and albums) and airplay data (tracks) from the 1st of June 2022 to the 31st of May 2023, to determine the winners. The new structure for Buma NL Awards will be announced soon.

“I am pleased that the show surrounding the Buma NL Awards is returning in full glory. In recent years, this event has had a sober character, but, as I stated earlier this year in a documentary at WNL: The song of life has always been the most popular genre in the Netherlands. It has long since transcended the level of the guilty pleasure. That includes a grand show, where the composers of those songs are in the spotlight.”

Frank Helmink, directeur Buma Cultuur

About Buma Cultuur

Buma NL is an joint initiative of Buma Cultuur and BumaStemra. Buma Cultuur promotes the Dutch musicrights in The Netherlands and other important exportmartkes for the Dutch music. ondersteunt en promoot het Nederlands muziekauteursrecht in zowel Nederland als in de belangrijkste exportmarkten voor de Nederlandse (not necessarily in Dutch language) music. See more initiatives of Buma Cultuur.

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