Special Buma NL carpool karaoke bus

In Buma NL’s special carpool karaoke bus, Kees Tol is the driver of lyricists, composers and artists who are in the Top 10 of the Most Successful singles of the past year. In this bus, with the honourable name of the Onderwegwijsjes bus, Kees discusses with his passengers how they created their songs. And as it should be during carpool karaoke, there is also a lot of singing along.

Buma NL Onderwegwijsjes on YouTube

The videos will be posted this month on Buma NL’s YouTube channel under the name of Onderwegwijsjes. Watch the first episode with Marco Schuitmaker below and sing along!

The Onderwegwijses passengers

In addition to Marco Schuitmaker, Billy Dans, Oliver de la Rosa Padilla, Ammar Bozoglu, Emile Hartkamp, ​​Riny Schreijenberg, Tino Martin, Wesly Bronkhorst, René Karst, Jeroen Russchen, Robert Vredeveld, Colin Heikens, Mart Hoogkamer and Carlo Rijsdijk also take the passenger seat. They can all be found in the Top 10 of Most Successful Single, based on streaming and airplay in the Top 40 and SterrenNL Top 25 in the period from June 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023.

About Buma NL (Awards)

The presentation of the Buma NL Awards will take place on Monday 2 October in Poppodium 013 in Tilburg. Just like the steering wheel of the carpool karaoke bus, the presentation is also in the hands of host Kees Tol. Next to the awards for Meest Succesvolle Single, awards will also be presented this year for Beste Producer, Industrie Award, Hollandse Meester en Meest Succesvolle Kroeghit i.c.w. Xenox. The Buma NL Awards show is part of Buma NL, the annual event that serves as the centre for everyone who works for and with the Dutch repertoire. This year the theme is connection through creation.

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