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This was ADE 2023 + announcement ADE 2024

Save the date! From Wednesday, October 16, 2024, to Sunday, October 20, 2024, it’s time for ADE 2024. Mark it in your calendar. But don’t forget to look back at the most attended edition of ADE ever. With the highlights of the festival program and conference programme, this was an Amsterdam Dance Event to remember!

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2023

The record number of 500,000 visitors during the festivals and conferences shows how successful the 28th edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) was. More than 1000 events and initiatives, spread over 5 days and 200+ locations in Amsterdam, honoured by the presence of more than 2900 artists. These were the highlights of this year’s festival programme:

  • the opening party in the Rijksmuseum with upsammy
  • a unique b2b session between KI/KI and Armin van Buuren
  • the classic performances of Speedy J’s STOOR and Audio Obscura
  • new collaborations including Andalusian Orchestra x Mary Lake and Het HEM x Horst

Ade Pro conference

This year the ADE Pro conference program was four days for the first time. The ‘ADE location’ Felix Meritis was the place to be. National and international artists came together to discuss all kinds of topics with influential companies, and of course with the public. Halls were packed with established and upcoming music professionals. The highlights of the conference were:

  • the talks of Google, TuneCore, SEG’s talk on the impact of AI
  • the behind-the-scenes of Spotify, TikTok and YouTube
  • the new development platform ADE Startups program


This year ADE Lab appeared on the scene for the second time. This is ADE’s talent development platform for young artists and professionals. More than 2,000 young artists, producers and ambitious professionals learned from international heroes such as Reinier Zonneveld, Mama Snake, Saoirse, Héctor Oaks and A-Trak. In addition to all that, attendees could make music, receive feedback and participate in demo drops.

ADE 2024

During the opening party, ADE announced that the foundation wants to be the artistic platform for young musical talents, with an emphasis on the cultural value of electronic music. Started in 1996, it has grown to date to become the leading and most important business platform for the electronic music industry and the world’s largest club festival. Design, film, photography, and the latest technological and social trends are also discussed. This past combined with the stated ambition promises al lot for ADE 2024.

Wednesday, October 16, 2024 to Sunday, October 20, 2024 is the time for ADE 2024.

Photo by Linde Dorenbos

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