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January 2012



Pop Media Award 2011 presented to DWDD Recordings

Several quotes about DWDD Recording from the jury report:

  • ‘Connecting artists on television was a fairly normal thing in the past, in legendary shows such as 2 Meter Sessies, Paradisolife and With A Little Help From My Friends for example. These days, such concepts are quite unique. We hear beautiful performances, often brought in unexpected combinations, while the audio editing is absolutely outstanding. The composition is done with care and knowledge of 60 years of pop music.’
  • ‘They’re building an impressive oeuvre that has the full potential to become an important reference book in the Dutch pop archives.’
  • ‘DWDD Recordings enriches the Dutch media landscape with a unique contribution.’

The Pop Media Award is an initiative of Muziek Centrum Nederland to stimulate Dutch pop journalism and is awarded for the entire oeuvre of a pop journalist, with the jury looking specifically at the efforts of the journalist in the past year. Potential nominees are individuals or incidentally initiatives and/or projects from all media branches: press, books, radio, TV, online media, documentaries, film, photography, etc., with pop music as its subject. Through music professionals and pop audiences were asked for their opinion and the final selection was based on their suggestions.

The other two nominees were:

Atze de Vrieze (3voor12 VPRO)
Willem Bemboom (OOR)

This year the jury consisted Tom ter Bogt (professor pop music University of Utrecht, chairman), Wijnand Honig (chief editor music NPS television), Marlies Timmermans (CEO of EKKO), Marike Jager (muzician) and Eric Corton (winner 2010).

The award was presented for the first time in 1994. The consecutive winners were Bert van de Kamp, Jip Golsteijn, David Kleijwegt, Martin Bril, Tom Engelshoven, Herman van der Horst, Anton Corbijn, Gijsbert Kamer, the editors of the website 3voor12, Hester Carvalho, Lex van Rossen, Leon Verdonschot, John Schoorl, Leo Blokhuis, Jan van der Plas, Sander Donkers and Eric Corton.