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January 2012



Winners Iron Venue- and Festival Animals 2011 announced


Best Managing Director
MARGRIET VAN KRAATS ­ Tivoli & Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht. Previous nominations in 2006 and 2009.
ERIC VAN EERDENBURG – A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise, Biddinghuizen. Previous nominations in 2005, 2007 and 2008.

Margriet van Kraats and Eric van Eerdenburg received an exact equal amount of nominations.

From the motivation: “Van Kraats manoeuvres perfectly through the sometimes absurd Muziekpaleis soap. Van Kraats keeps the organization lean and mean and is closely involved in many successful projects ‘on the outside’. Eerdenburg is very successful business-wize, but with the artistic content heart in the right place. Seems to be the only one who is really involved and really succeeds in making serious progress when it comes to sustainability issues. Runs a huge organization with an apparent rock star-like f#ck-em-all-like mentality.”

Best programmer
HIDDE PLUYMERT – Melkweg, Amsterdam.

From the motivation: “Pluymert has succeeded in turning an entire ‘pillar’ (the dance programming) into a crucial part of the entire programming and appearance of de Melkweg. This was done from scratch and amongst the extensive and hectic programming of the Milky Way.”

Best festival
INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN, Vlieland. Previous nomination in 2010.

From the motivation: “In a short time (three years) and through lots of hard work,this festival has become a not to be missed closing of the festival season. Excels in targeted programming and marketing.”

Best venue
DOORNROOSJE, Nijmegen. Previous nominations in 2000.

From the motivation: “Given the target area and limited capacity, this venue pulls in a healthy number of visitors. And Doornroosje also takes into account its target area and surrounding area. Has a rural feel nevertheless. Provides consistent quality in all areas. Operates in the public interest (is active in local cooperation). The organization professionally deals with staff and volunteers, and vice versa. The entire organization seemingly effortlessy withstands construction stress and the staff is very involved in issues that are not directly related to Doornroosje but are of industry-wide concern. For example the interests of the staff in the development of collective conditions of employment.”

The Iron Venue- and Festival Animals are awarded annually since 1997 by de Vereniging Nederlandse Poppodia en ­Festivals (VNPF). The Iron Venue- and Festival Animals are peer to peer prices. The members of the associations cast their vote. The person or organization that receives the most votes wins the prize. The nominations come about through a comprehensive consultation of various professionals in the live circuit.

The award ceremony is organized by De Oosterpoort, Vera, Eurosonic Noorderslag and de VNPF.

The award ceremony is sponsored by The Security Company.