New Music Conference

9 November 2023

November Music, which annually takes place in the city of Den Bosch, is groundbreaking in its programming and support of new composition talent. That is why Buma, the copyright organisation for music authors in the Netherlands, has long been supporting the festival. Starting with the 2019 edition, November Music and Buma present New Music Conference together, on the last Friday of the 10-day festival.

November Music

Since its inception in 1993, November Music has proven to be a valuable event for music professionals working across the globe in a variety of genres and disciplines. The festival shows the latest musical developments in which creators and composers draw on contemporary composed music, jazz, new world music, music theatre, visual music, electronics & soundscapes and sound installations.

Share your knowledge and experience

If you are working professionally in music and feel at home with November Music’s programme, you can share your knowledge and experience during New Music Conference. It is the ideal setting to build your international professional network. Online, in the official and carefully supervised matchmaking sessions or simply in the restaurant, bars and corridors of Verkadefabriek.

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